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Everyday is DAY6

Hello, here I am guys! I am back with a new topic. Maybe I had posted like this topic long time ago but this post will be little different now. Yeah, I will post about Kpop, one of my favorite kind music.

Today, I want to tell you about my new favorite Band in Kpop and They are Day6. Well, maybe some people didn’t know about DAY6 even some Kpopers too, but if you JYP Stan you have know it. Day6 is not really get a high popularity, Idk why, maybe because they didn’t do so many promotion like theirs siblings Got7 or maybe they are not handsome enough to get Girls attention.

Day6 is just started two years ago with different kind music who didn’t like other Kpop Idol. Day6 is not Boyband who sings and dances but Day6 is consist six people who play an instrument and five of them are sings too. Actually, today Day6 is only consist 5 person because one of them is leave, so just 4 people who sings and play instrument and still 1 who plays drums.

So, here you are. I will tell you about my opinion of them. From the first song they’re released, they’re take my attention immediately. The song is Congratulation and it is really get my ear attention, and the music video can deliver the meaning of the song with good feeling made me feel what they feel. You have to listen it and watch the MV and here I attached the MV.

After Congratulation and the next songs of themI never feel disappointed with their music. I really love the feeling of their singing and their music from every their song.

Actually, until early 2017 I don’t really interested to search about them, about their profile. Purely, I just enjoyed their music. But, I Still listen their music every they released the new songs. Then, I found this video.

And, I am falling in love with them. They are really adorable with their talents. I love how they sing so relax, I love how they deliver the meaning of the song and I love how they play the instrument so enjoyed. You have to watch another cover song they’re sings.

But, there are something that I didn’t like too. The Music Video, after Congratulation MV is really simple I think. I hope they can make the MV more meaningful with a good video, not too simple please. But it’s okay, it’s make the Boys get more attention than the Models.

For the last, they have a really unique concept. Idk, it is their concept or just happened. The songs which have the MV is continuous. Maybe the next post I will tell more about this. And you have to watch it guys!!


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